Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Aintree 5

It was time for Aintree Round 5 and with Championship still to be won there
was everything to race for. Fortunately the man in second position
had not turned up so all I had to do was finish the race in the
600 Final and the Championship was mine.
The first race was the open Heat and it went well  I was the first 600 home.
The 600 heat was next and I finished in fourth place which was a good place to
 start for the final.

In the open final I got a terrible start and had started making my way
through the field when braking hard into Club gaining to fast on a rider in
front and had to take evasive action and decided to take the slip road
so that I wouldn’t mess up my chances of winning the 600
It was time for the 600 race and it seemed to take forever to arrive, I
was nervous and just rode round in a conformable pace to secure the
So anther season is over and what a season it has been, I have achieved
another Aintree Championship. I have learnt a lot with the 600 this year and
I am looking forward to push on even further next year. A big thanks
to all who have helped this year, we couldn't do it without you.
The plans for next year are still uncertain as with all motorcycle racing
the cost is huge so depends on what sort of budget we can put together.
Christian Peck

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Aintree 4

Steve Porter #67

 A sad day at Aintree a tragic accident claimed the life our friend Steve Porter , Steve and Christian enjoyed some great battles during the 2009 season on the 400’s ,  a hard rider on track Steve was always willing to help Christian in the paddock even though he knew he was probably his biggest threat to winning the title, you will be sadly missed Steve and our thoughts are with your family.
          After some time a decision was made by the riders to run just the finals but after such a tragic day I’m not sure hearts were  really up for it, as after a few finals a number of accidents continued to occur, Christian also coming to grief at Club unable to continue due to damage to the bike thankfully he was ok.
          After another hold up the circuit had been advised by Fazakerly Hospital that they were getting a high level of casualties from the general public and  were unable prevent this but they were able to stop further casualties coming from the race meeting  so the meeting had to be abandoned.
            We are not sure what happens next at Aintree as the last meeting  scheduled in September has been abandoned pending track inspections by the ACU and the HSE , it may be run in October we are to be advised.
         I am currently rebuilding the bike and then w e will let you know the plans for the rest of the season, we have the last two rounds of the Wirral 100 at Anglesey and Oulton  to look forward to and Christian was kindly offered a ride on Scott Smythe’s 400 Honda for the Thundersport round at Anglesey in September , due to finances we are not sure as yet but we will let you know.
        As  ever I can’t thank you all enough for your  support , we are genuinely humbled by your generosity Martin Harrison thank you for another generous donation, John ( Fastrackimages) thankyou for another generous donation ,Jim Quin for your kind donation and Chris at Dynopro when we were trying to resolve the electrical problem and thanks to all the rest of the team you all know who you are . We wouldn’t be out there without you.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Anglesey 24th/25th

The next meeting was a full weekend at Anglesey, I was entered in the formula 600 class with one practice on the saturday a qualifying race and then two races on the sunday. 
   The first session on saturday was wet but i wasn’t so disappointed as this would give some wet weather practice which is always needed especially in this country. The first few laps went okay I just settled into a rhythm trying to increase my pace steadily. When my visor started slowly fogging up and basically i couldn't see a thing. I came in and tried to clear it but steamed straight back up. So the first practice was a bit of a waste but i felt confident in the tyres and thought that i would do alright in the race.
  As the race came closer there looked to be a dry line forming and we took a gamble and choose to use dry tyres, on the warm-up lap i noticed how bad this decision was. When i set off for the warm up lap the thing stepped sideways because of the damp track then gripped and the front wheel nearly smacked me in the face also the back end of the circuit was completely soaked.I tried the best I could to keep the thing up right, and brought it back home safe in eighth. 
  Unfortunately this put me right back in 15th because of the two 600 heats, right on the inside but least it was dry and we had the right tyres on this time. I got an awful start and had to try and make the places up. I went the wrong way round a rider and nearly ended up on the grass and loads of riders passed me again. This was the race done, I knew i just had to get as many places back as possible but throughout the race it was harder and harder to turn the bike. When I returned the bars could barely be turned so it was concluded that the steering damper was to blame.
   The last race came we just turned the steering damper to setting two and if need be i could put it to 1. When i started for the warm up lap, I changed to 2nd gear the revs completely cut, and unfortunately missed the race. We managed to get it going again by just turning it off and on again. I went out in the consolation race to test it and on the warm up lap it was fine but the steering did stiffen up so i clicked the damper to setting 1. The race started and it happened again the revs completely cut I turned it off and back on while still moving, I got through the first corner very alone on the exit just seeing the whole filed entering the hairpin and just thought I have to win this its the consolation race. So i did my best and battled my way to the front, and eventually took the win.
Hopefuly all these problems will be sorted by Aintree on the 14th of August as winning the title is the main goal for the year. 
Christian Peck #35

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I would just like to thank Nick Morgan at MSS Colchester Kawasaki for all the help obtaining a Kit ECU, Chris at Dynopro For the installation and set up of the ECU and John at for providing an entry for a possible Thundersport round at the end of the season.

Christian Peck #35

Aintree 10/07/10

Aintree 3 was next on the calendar, and it was the usual routine of the open class and the 600 class meaning a total of four races. 
   The open heat went well a good fourth position but the times were way down compared to last meeting but still looked promising for the 600 class. 
    The 600cc qualifier couldn't of gone better, I started from 6th position took the lead and won by over 8 seconds. 
The day clouded over and the rain threatened, and halfway through the open final it started spitting. I eased off and took a top ten finish in the open class knowing that I needed to save it for the 600 final.
It was a frantic change of tires to wets for the 600 final, I was rushed out onto the grid. I got a good start into 2nd position and making my way to first quickly. I found it hard to lead, as was unsure of the conditions and got a huge slide out of the first corner on lap 3. A rider came past on the brakes into club and was shaken by this then anther rider came past on the brakes into the first corner. I made it back past him on the back straight and got on the brakes late but i was on the wrong side of the leader i had no choice but to lean on him to make the bend, he decided just to push me wider and wider until i lost the front and unfortunately a massive championship lead. In hindsight it was a big mistake on my part I had a good lead in the championship and could've clinched the title but instead I am now only four points clear. Overall I have learnt a lot from the weekend and thanks again to all who came and supported.
The next time out is at anglesey on the 23rd and 24th, hope to see you there.
Christian Peck #35

Thursday, 17 June 2010

I would like to apologize for not keeping you all up to date, I have been busy revising hard for my exams but fortunately they are done and dusted at least for this year. You can see reports from both the aintree and Anglesey below, also thanks to Jim at slingshot for the box of bits and the usual supporters who come along you are a big help.

Christian Peck #35

Aintree 12/06/10

Aintree had arrived again, the practice was good with no real improvements were made from the previous Aintree setting. The qualifiers were good winning the 600 class and coming 4th in the open.
The open class was just a warm up to the 600 as that is the championship we are now aiming for. It went well I got a good start and made a pass on a 1000 going into club. Then began chasing anther, by the end of the race I was right on his back wheel but just didn’t have time to make a pass and therefore finished 6th.
The 600 class was good I made a good start into third passed 2nd place man into club then taking the lead into the first corner on the second lap. I just got into a rhythm the bike was unbelievable it felt so planted everywhere I crossed the line in 1st, taking my second win of the season. I looked at the lap times and I was 0.1mph (average speed) off the lap record I could not believe it, unfortunately I went quicker in the open so therefore wont count.
So overall a very positive meeting, and hopefully I can take the lap record at the next round. 

Christian Peck#35