Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Aintree 5

It was time for Aintree Round 5 and with Championship still to be won there
was everything to race for. Fortunately the man in second position
had not turned up so all I had to do was finish the race in the
600 Final and the Championship was mine.
The first race was the open Heat and it went well  I was the first 600 home.
The 600 heat was next and I finished in fourth place which was a good place to
 start for the final.

In the open final I got a terrible start and had started making my way
through the field when braking hard into Club gaining to fast on a rider in
front and had to take evasive action and decided to take the slip road
so that I wouldn’t mess up my chances of winning the 600
It was time for the 600 race and it seemed to take forever to arrive, I
was nervous and just rode round in a conformable pace to secure the
So anther season is over and what a season it has been, I have achieved
another Aintree Championship. I have learnt a lot with the 600 this year and
I am looking forward to push on even further next year. A big thanks
to all who have helped this year, we couldn't do it without you.
The plans for next year are still uncertain as with all motorcycle racing
the cost is huge so depends on what sort of budget we can put together.
Christian Peck

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