Thursday, 29 July 2010

Anglesey 24th/25th

The next meeting was a full weekend at Anglesey, I was entered in the formula 600 class with one practice on the saturday a qualifying race and then two races on the sunday. 
   The first session on saturday was wet but i wasn’t so disappointed as this would give some wet weather practice which is always needed especially in this country. The first few laps went okay I just settled into a rhythm trying to increase my pace steadily. When my visor started slowly fogging up and basically i couldn't see a thing. I came in and tried to clear it but steamed straight back up. So the first practice was a bit of a waste but i felt confident in the tyres and thought that i would do alright in the race.
  As the race came closer there looked to be a dry line forming and we took a gamble and choose to use dry tyres, on the warm-up lap i noticed how bad this decision was. When i set off for the warm up lap the thing stepped sideways because of the damp track then gripped and the front wheel nearly smacked me in the face also the back end of the circuit was completely soaked.I tried the best I could to keep the thing up right, and brought it back home safe in eighth. 
  Unfortunately this put me right back in 15th because of the two 600 heats, right on the inside but least it was dry and we had the right tyres on this time. I got an awful start and had to try and make the places up. I went the wrong way round a rider and nearly ended up on the grass and loads of riders passed me again. This was the race done, I knew i just had to get as many places back as possible but throughout the race it was harder and harder to turn the bike. When I returned the bars could barely be turned so it was concluded that the steering damper was to blame.
   The last race came we just turned the steering damper to setting two and if need be i could put it to 1. When i started for the warm up lap, I changed to 2nd gear the revs completely cut, and unfortunately missed the race. We managed to get it going again by just turning it off and on again. I went out in the consolation race to test it and on the warm up lap it was fine but the steering did stiffen up so i clicked the damper to setting 1. The race started and it happened again the revs completely cut I turned it off and back on while still moving, I got through the first corner very alone on the exit just seeing the whole filed entering the hairpin and just thought I have to win this its the consolation race. So i did my best and battled my way to the front, and eventually took the win.
Hopefuly all these problems will be sorted by Aintree on the 14th of August as winning the title is the main goal for the year. 
Christian Peck #35

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