Thursday, 17 June 2010

Anglesey 35/05/10

After a good result from Aintree I was keen to repeat at Anglesey but knew that this would be difficult, as we did not have a good setting for the Anglesey circuit. The first race was difficult the bike would not hold a line, with the back feeling lose going in and out of the corners. I managed to finish 3rd in heat and we made a slight change for the final.
   I got a good start but just could not get past the 5th place man maybe being a bit to cautious. When a few riders came past, and this began an exciting race, there was a good 10 laps so we could fight it out. I managed to regain my lead and in the last lap made a dive up the inside taking 5th place.
I was pleased with the progress we made and hopefully can find some pace next time at Oulton.

Christian Peck #35

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