Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Oulton Park 10th of April

The second race was at the fantastic circuit of Oulton park, after a full track day on the friday the day before the race I was confident for the race. Riding Oulton park was amazing  on the 600 compared with the 400 machine, struggling to keep the front wheel down over any slight bump. A few slight changes made the power easier to handle such as making the wheel base shorter by altering the gearing, this made the bike easier to turn at high speed corners like over clay hill and island bend. 
   The 600 class was well subscribed with nearly 80 riders in total split into two heats of about 40 in each. I was confident for my heat after the days testing, I started 6th on the grid with the intention of moving slightly higher up to ensure a good position for the final. I got a good start into fifth position, I had a steady head knowing the standard of the 600 class at the club was high so a fifth position would’ve have been a very good place to finish. I sat behind and made my move going into shell oils, i did the same again to move into third position and begin to chase the man in second place. The last lap came and I had been unable to close the gap on the second place man when coming out of lodge he had a high side and left the door open for me to take an easy second place.
   After a quick check on the time sheets i was fourth on the grid for the final which i was very pleased at. Unfortunately i got an awful start and got stuck mid pack. I was impatient and desperate to get past quickly. On the second lap I took a wide line going into island bend following two of the riders ahead, the rider ahead of me had to sit up as he nearly touched the rider ahead this caused me to sit up as well and left me no where to go but the grass. I was knocked clean out and had to go to the local hospital to get checked out, i was completely fine but unfortunately this cannot be said for the bike (As you can see from the picture below). We have already started the repair process and will hopefully be out in a months time for aintree.  I would like to say thanks to all the supporters who came on saturday and helped out, you are all greatly appreciated.
Christian Peck #35


  1. aww thats nufin; quick spit shine and she'll be as good as new! Hope the local hospital gave u a lollipop for your lil bruises :P

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