Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Anglesey 20th and 21st March

The first time on track of 2010 came and went unbelievably quickly. Saturday was a good day; one wet session and the rest were dry. I set about building my pace and getting used to the new machine. I couldn't believe the handling of the modern bike it felt a hell of a lot different to the older 400.
  We woke on the Sunday to find grey clouds and rain looked ominous, the practice was dry and the race was scheduled to be the first after the dinner break. Just as the race was announced the rain came down a frantic change of tyres then ensued. After all the rushing we sat in the holding area for few minutes anyway. The race was good and the grip from the tyres was phenomenal,  but after a massive moment coming out of the last turn I calmed down to take 6th in the heat. 
  The final was properly wet with standing water clearly visible on the surface of the track. I got a good start and there was a group from third to 9th which I was involved in. I tried to push through but didn’t have the confidence to out brake somebody into Rocket. I then went wide at Peel and lost a few places. Frustrated by my mistake I lost the toe to the group and made even more mistakes trying to close the gap. I reeled in one rider to take 11th overall, at first slightly disappointed with this but after thinking and looking at my lap times I was happy at what I had learnt for the first time out and I am looking forward to learning even more at Oulton Park on the 9th a practice day and 10th of April Race day.
I would like to thank everyone for turning up on Saturday and Sunday your help and support is greatly appreciated. Robbie and Chris for their generous donation, and a big thanks to who ever paid my entry for Oulton, we are humbled by everyones generosity 
I will add some more pictures when the photographer has updated his website. 
Christian Peck #35

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  1. Christian, which "TOE" did you lose? Did you go to hospital or did you find it?

    Keep up the good work, and be gentle with those tyres, think of all those poor rubber trees!!