Monday, 10 August 2009

Anglesey 1st and 2nd August

Hello, this weekends entertainment saw us at the coastal circuit of anglesey. The weather forecast was looking bad perhaps a dry Sunday at best. The Friday night in the caravan the wind howled in creating and thus looked like to set the tone of the weekend. When we arose on Saturday morning the sun was out and blue skys above, we couldn't believe it.

Practice and Race 1

The first practice was damp in places so we took it steady, and checked the bike had no problems.

The first race saw me on fourth place on the grid possibly the worst place to start from due to the sweeping nature of the first corner. I got and awful start and was pushed into fifth position I battled hard but struggled to make passing manoeuvres stick. I was in fourth when a rider barrelled up the inside narrowly missing me and the rider in front. The rider in front had to sit up and I narrowly missed him due to this. After this incident I lost the toe and ended up in fourth place which slightly disappointingly would become my grid position for the other races. I was disappointed and after looking at the times very dejected only achieving a 1:16.107 over a second off the pace. We changed the suspension sag and decided to test that in the morning practice before changing anything else. After a quick practice session we decided to go two teeth higher on the rear sproket to see if that would make any difference to the lap times.

Race 2

I got a better start this time straight into second position, and passed the leader into the tight left hander at the end of the start finish straight. I got into a rhythm and just expected them to fly past me at the next corner as I didn't feel any faster than the last race. To my surprise they didn't until the next lap at the tight left hander two riders came up the inside of me, I took a wide line and in the next corner chopped the 2nd place riders nose off to take back 2nd position. This lost me some time on the leader so I began pushing to catch up to him, after a few laps I was on his back wheel and again made my move at the tight left hander. I had regained the lead and started trying to break him and get a good gap. When the red flag came out, I was chuffed but slightly disappointed as knowing that the result would be taken from the lap before. When we checked the results I had been given the win, and was made up with a lap time of 1:14.416 just 0.006 off the lap record set in that race. I had an interview with the commentator to talk about the race as well which was a nerve-racking experience I must say probably even more so than the race. Later on when I was just about to go out for the next race the results had been changed and I had been given second unfortunately.

Race 3

I got and horrible start this time into fifth position and I was struggling to pass the fourth place man as I couldn't get close on the straight to launch an attack. I had to build in the technical section and he went to take a wide line down the right hander of the corkscrew so I parked it up the inside to take fourth when the second place man had a moment coming out of the left hander. So I took third, he was holding defensive lines into the hairpin so I took it wider and blasted him on the outside and was now in second when he just blasted past me on the straight this was cost me time I didn't have. I past him again going into the sweeping right hander and help it through the corkscrew. The last lap came out and I was about a second behind the leader and totally missed the first apex of the first corner but carried on charging. I was gaining bit by bit and by the flag I was on his back wheel but it wasn't enough, I finished anther second after anther cracking race.


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  2. Valentino Peck or is it Christian Rossi

    Keep up the good work

    John & Debbie