Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Aintree Round 3 11th July

F400 qualifying heat

The first race of the day was the f400 qualifier just a warm up to get into the groove but make sure you have a good grid position for the final.I pulled peg three out so that was a relief that I didn’t have to fight through the field. I got a good start and ended up having a good battle with a mini-twin managing to hold him off to take the win.

 251-500cc Solo qualifying heat

This time I wasn’t so lucky, pulling peg 12A for the grid position, I got a great start up the inside into the first corner to pick a few off then went round two at the fast left hander. I was in third behind a 125cc and another 400 rider Ste Porter, I was trying to find a way round but make a move stick. Then I drafted past the 125 but couldn’t do the same to Ste. I finally forced my way through to take the win.

 F400 Final

I was only 8 points a drift of the championship leader Tim Kermode so therefore I needed a good result to close the gap. I got an awful start from pole position and was third into the first corner, behind Tim and the mini twin of Ken Davies. I managed to dispose of the mini-twin and began thinking of a move on Tim I kept trying to get a good drive out of beechers and slipstreaming him down the straight but Tim’s bike was to fast, for me to do anything. The next lap I tried to stay in the slipstream without hitting the back of him and launch up the inside at club but out braked myself and the mini twin went straight back past. I thought I had lost the race but regrouped quickly and didn’t lose that much time. I flew through the second corner and slipped past the mini-twin round the out side. Then going into Beechers Tim braked early and I took the opportunity lifted him up ever so slightly and put the power down as early as I could knowing Tim would blast past if I didn’t. He had a go up the inside of me at club but I was too strong on the brakes I had to sit it up mid corner to knock it down one gear knowing I had to otherwise I would be blasted on the run to turn one. It was the last lap and just kept it mega smooth and I didn’t get a wheel shown to me I was expecting Tim to slide past me on the straight but he didn’t and I held it to the line for anther win, and more importantly decreasing the gap to the championship leader now it is only 5 points.

 251-500cc Solo Final

On pole again and after receiving some much deserved stick for getting an awful start last time I was keen to get a flyer. Maybe a little too keen and lifted the wheel high and got pushed back into third place. I passed the 125 that was slightly ahead and began chasing the little gap between Tim Kermode and I. I closed in and began trying to make a move but I just could even get along side him on the straight his bike just seamed to have the legs. I had to run so close to Tim if I had any chance of passing him, when going into the second corner he had trouble with his gears and suddenly slowed I had to grab a handful of front brake the back wheel jumping of the floor. Somehow managing to miss Tim and make the corner, I was still close and through Beechers Tim again sat up again. He must of lost time and I partially round the outside into club and held it into the first corner when I didn’t change down enough gears and he took the lead back. Then going into Beerchers Ste porter tried to go round the outside and cut across me totally out of the blue. I lost my rhythm and Tim had gained a few tenths on me I tried to get the time back but into the corner Ste again forced me wide into the first corner, and then again we lost time on Tim. Coming out of Beechers I tried to get a good drive but Ste just blasted past on the straight and held a tight line I tried round the outside but to no effect. It was the last lap and I had lost some time but didn’t give up, unfortunately I just couldn’t make a move on either Ste or Tim. So settled for the points from a good third position. I am now leading the championship by 12 points and with two rounds to go it’s a comfortable lead.


I would just like to say a special thanks to Roger Middleton at RMKD for fixing the gearbox problems we had, and also for those who came down to watch i appreciate it tremendously. The next round will be at Anglesey on the 1st and 2nd of august and then Aintree the week after.

Thanks Christian



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