Monday, 15 June 2009

Aintree 13th of June

The day began well, with practice going without a hiccup. The 1st qualfier went well despite picking 26th grid position, I made it up to fourth posistion with the lap times being the quickest yet. The next qualifier saw me on grid position 27 and this time pushing up to third. The bike felt good and the pace was very fast so the finals were set to be a couple of absolute crackers.

400 Final

I lined up on the front row of the grid nervously, I got a cracking start into second behind a Minitwin, it took different lines to me so was difficult to follow I got a good drive out of Beechers and slipstreamed past when immediately after the red flag came out. We lined up on the grid and waited for the restart. I didn’t get quite as good a start, into third and the bike didn’t seem as good then it twigged I had lost 1st 2nd and 3rd gear I rode it best I could and managed to get 2nd position.

251-500 solo

After an amazing effort from the pit crew, special thanks go to all of them. A gear selector pin had snapped and we had managed to borrow one and get it replaced in time for the next race. I launched it off the line straight into the lead only to be passed by Tim Kermode and then blitzed by a 500cc two stroke. That’s when I noticed that I had lost the bottom three gears yet again. I worked hard to keep up with Tim and on the last lap dived up the inside into club and managed to hold it to the line to take 2nd place.

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