Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Aintree 19th sept

The final round of Aintree came up fast, and with the 251-500cc solo championship in the bag the focus was the formula 400.

For the heat I picked out peg 39 and managed to push my way to third position, which was vital as the championship was between me and Tim Kermode who had qualified on pole. The 251-500c heat was quite similar from 34th on the grid to 4th.

Formula 400cc

I got a great start straight into second position behind the championship rival Tim I was right on his tail looking for a quick pass but I couldn't get through. I got a good drive out of beeches and planned to slipstream him down railway straight, as I pulled out of the slipstream my bike just didn't have the legs to make the pass. I slotted back in and hit my braking mark for club plotting to get a good drive out so that I could have a run into the first corner up the inside but I wasn't close enough and he slammed the door. I was pushing hard trying to find a way through when Mark woodman showed me a wheel going into the first corner I knew I had to make a pass on Tim if I were going to win the title. I pushed threw village and beeches trying to get as close to tim as possible and got an excellent drive I stayed behind him but instead of going to the inside I went to the outside and dropped it across the front of him to take the lead. He responded down railway straight and left me no way to come back, I tried the same move again and it worked goining into club. The last lap flag came out I was nervous knowing that Tim could blast past me on the straight, but the red flag came out. I was unsure of the result not knowing happened or weather I had taken the title. Turns out Tim had lost the front at beeches destroying his bike completely fortunately he could walk away, as the red flag went it was confirmed that I had the win and had taken the 400 title.


The championship had been all sorted in this one so therefore, the race could be ridden with no pressure. Even though I had the title, I still wanted to take the win and surprisingly determined to do so. I got a good start into the lead and pushed hard the first few laps trying to break the rest of the field. I was waiting for someone to have a go but no one did and took the chequered flag with a lead of 5 seconds.

Would like to say thanks again for all the help and support this season, it means a lot.

Thanks and we hope to see you at anglesey in just over a weeks time.


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